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CSE Commencement Sign Up Instructions

The same system that allows you to apply to a Major will also allow you to sign up to attend Commencement in May. You will get an email in the fall semester announcing when sign ups are being accepted for Commencement at the end of the next spring semester.

Before sign ups are being accepted the links to sign up in the system will not be visible.

The sign up process is as follows

  1. Apply to Graduate on OneStop
  2. Wait for your application to graduate to be recorded in all central systems, this typically takes one day. You will not be able to sign up for Commencement until this has been completed.
  3. Login in to On-Line Advising Services Login
  4. Select the link in the lower right corner Sign up to participate in the UG Commencement Ceremony in May
  5. You will have the option of entering the following information:
    • Pronunciation of your name
    • Invitation mailing addresses for up to two guests
    • Requesting to have information on photo proofs sent to you
  6. You must check the bottom box on the form and click submit to complete your sign up.
  7. Once you have signed up the Main Menu page will show that you have.

Note that changes to the submitted information are not possible on-line. Contact CSE Advising if you need to change or cancel a sign up.

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